2018 INCA Summer Posts

INCA Circle Television Special

This show brings together the television news stories that students produced during the INCA Summer Institute. The show was written by Shannon […]

MBC Radio Show

This 4-part radio show was produced by INCA students and was aired on MBC radio across Saskatchewan on June 21, 2018 National […]

Storytelling at Royal Saskatchewan Museum

Students produced stories for APTN to recognize the opportunities for learning at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum National Indigenous History Month.    

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MBC Radio Show

MBC Radio Show

This 4-part radio show was produced by INCA students and was aired on MBC radio across Saskatchewan on June 21, 2018 National […]

Audacity tutorial

Peter found a better training tutorial for Audacity at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3uqCNjbQn54 — give this a watch.  You are expected to be familiar with Audacity […]

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First News Articles and Photos

Researcher uses oral history to uncover the truth

By Ryan Missens Cheyanne Desnomie just successfully defended her master’s thesis in history. I had the privilege of sitting down with her […]

FNUniv/Clearwater Dene Nation Teacher Education Partnership 

By Mick Favel It is 6:30 AM as Gabrielle Fontaine turns off her alarm and begins her day. Fontaine makes her breakfast […]

Culture brought to Daycare children in Regina

By Michelle Lerat Ann Perry is thrilled the Circle Project Culture Connection for Kids program will continue. Perry, Regina’s Circle Project Executive […]

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Information for Registering Students


The INCA 200 Summer Institute (CRN 20751) is offered every second summer. The next offering is May 7 – June 26, 2018.

Classes are held every day Monday to Friday from 10-12 and 1-4 every day. This year, the Summer Institute will be held in the School of Journalism in the Ad Hum building on the University of Regina campus. We will also have a lab/meeting space in the basement of the First Nations University of Canada.

INCA 200 is a 6-credit Pass/Fail class, so it will not change your GPA.   (We have applied to have an option of numeric grading and will notify you if this becomes available.) If you are academic probation and need to raise your GPA within a certain number of credit hours,  you need to be aware that this course will use up hours without changing your GPA.

FNUniv/U of R students can register by meeting or emailing Jason Bird at jbird@fnuniv.ca of calling 306-790-5950 x3124. You may need a prerequisite waiver, which I can send to Jason if you let me know you need it. If you register through the University of Regina and need a waiver, you will need to contact me and provide the contact email of your counsellor and I will email them the waiver.

Students who are not already accepted into FNUniv/U of R can register as casual students. You will need to apply for admission by filling out and submitting the Application for Admission or Readmission for Casual Students  

If you are attending the FNUniv/U of R for the first time, there is a $100 application fee.

I have spoken with CCE (which looks after Casual students). I have spoken with Lisa Grover, who is expecting to hear from Casual students who want to register in the INCA 200 course and can assist you best–her direct line is 306-585-5895. You can also call the main number at CCE 306-585-5807 and they will be happy to help you too. Casual students will also need permission from me and my department head to waive the prerequisites for the course (completion of 24 credit hours), which I can do with an email. Let me know when you start this process and I will email Lisa right away.

Some of you will also complete INCA 290 Internship (CRN 20900). We will discuss and arrange your internships before the end of the Summer Institute.



Welcome to the First Nations University of Canada

Sylvia McAdam Saysewahum worked at FNUniv for INCA and Intercultural Leadership back before she and four friends started the Idle No More movement.

She provided these teachings back in 2010, which the students at First Nations University held a Live-In for 72 days, to keep media attention and raise public support for the University at a time when it was being scrutinized regarding governance and finances.

This is a wonderful teaching from her Cree people about protocol and laws and respect and peace.

During the Summer Institute, we will attend the monthly Pipe Ceremonies in the ceremonial tipi at FNUniv. If you have questions, Roland Kaye is our Elder Helper and will provide guidance regarding protocols for approaching specific elders and also for participating in ceremonies. You can reach Roland at rkaye@fnuniv.ca or call 306-790-5950 x 3129. Ekosi 🙂